*SECONDS - Birthday List Card #2

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  • £2.50
The Sweary Card Co.


Birthday to-do List #2.

The correct version is here.

A small batch of this card has a spelling error. If you can spot it, good for you, you brainy bastard. If not, or you don't care, then it's in the sale.

This card is part of the SUPER SECONDS FESTIVAL taking place on Saturday 1st + Sunday 2nd October.

* If you plan on stocking up, use 'SSF20' for 20 cards for £10 *

What do you mean by a seconds item? (Swipe for examples)

It WILL have either:

  • a small mark or scratch (occasionally more than one)
  • a small inconsistency in colour
  • some banding - where a strip (or band) of the block colour background is slightly darker than the rest
  • text is a little too close to the edge of the card but no damage
  • print through - a faint text outline from a previous card print is slightly visible.
  • edging - the edge is a tiny bit rough from where the cards were sliced
  • a handful of cards are discontinued stock

These cards will NOT:

  • be scratched all over
  • have spelling errors
  • have big areas of mis-print
  • be on fire

Size: A6

Envelope: Recycled Fleck Kraft Brown (5% have Ribbed Brown Envelopes)

Packaging: All orders are packed in board backed envelopes or protective board mailers for larger orders. Your card may arrive in a cellophane wrapping, but most will arrive 'naked', already folded inside the envelope for protection. PPE for cards if you will.

Any questions, please send an email to or a DM over @theswearycardco.